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Massachusetts Car Insurance

When driving a State of Massachusetts registered vehicle, insurance is required.

Massachusetts minimum car insurance requirements are:

  • Auto Insurance policy with limits of at least 20/40/5 – meaning:
    • Liability coverage
    • $20,000 of bodily injury to another person
    • $40,000 of bodily injuries to all other persons
    • $5,000 of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident

Medical Insurance Payments Coverage: Covers all medical expenses for you, your household members and all passengers on board, over and above amounts covered by personal injury protection regardless of who caused the accident

Comprehensive: covers a loss that is not the result of a collision. This typically refers to theft, a fire, any falling objects, or an accident involving an animal

Required Proof of Insurance in Massachusetts

The RMV holds strict requirements for providing proof of insurance. While many states require an insurance identification card during an event such as a car registration process, Massachusetts requires you to have an insurance agent stamp and sign your Application for Registration and Title. Proof of Insurance is generally demonstrated through an RMV-1 form filled out by a licensed Massachusetts insurance representative.

Massachusetts Division of Insurance

One South Station
Boston, Massachusetts 02110-2208

Obtaining a Driver’s License

The first step towards acquiring a driver’s license is by earning your learner’s permit. In order to obtain your learner’s permit, you need to be at least 16 years old. Further requirements include:

  • Paying the $30 written test fee as well as meeting the identification requirements
  • Passing a vision test or submit a RMV vision-screening certificate from your medical practitioner
  • Pass the 25 question (written/computer based) exam (you have 25 minutes to take the test and must answer at least 18 correctly)

For individuals between the ages of 16 1/2 and 18 looking to apply for a Class D driver’s license, you will need to have held a learner’s permit for at least six months and then you can be issued a “Junior Operator’s License” (JOL), upon passing road test. Further criterion includes completing at least an additional 40 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel driving (30 for those that have completed a driver skills development program) having had a learner’s permit for at least six and a clean driving record

The following documentation is required for those under 18 years of age:

  • 1 document proving date of birth
  • Parental consent on the License Application
  • A Social Security Number (SSN)

Note: all documents must be originals.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must provide:

  • Document proving date of birth
  • Document proving signature
  • Document proving Massachusetts residency
  • A Social Security Number (SSN)

Completing Driver Education

To complete a driver education program in the state of Massachusetts, a student must successfully complete:

  • 30 hours of live classroom instruction
  • 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training
  • 6 hours in-car as an observer of another student driver
  • Attend a two hour class on the content of driver education

Check local schools to find any that offer driver training programs, as these programs meet the state requirements and have licensed instructors.

Knowing the Rules of the Road

Massachusetts’s driver manual holds the state’s rules of the road as well as all other information present and prospective drivers should know. The latest version being:

    • Massachusetts Driver Manual

Note: the actual statue code for every rule of the road is not presented in this guide.

Know Your Rates

Massachusetts drivers have the opportunity to get the lowest auto insurance rates in Massachusetts by driving safely, choosing an appropriate coverage, and taking advantage of discounts by shopping around. To calculate your premium, insurance companies consider multiple factors such as the number of years you have been driving, the number and type of your at-fault accidents, the amount of traffic violations you have received, and the vehicle you drive and where you keep (or store) that vehicle. Insurance companies taking into account other risk factors if they are relevant to risk and are approved by the Commissioner.

Massachusetts prohibits insurance companies from denying automobile insurance to consumers based on their gender, race, creed, national origin, marital status, religion, age, occupation, income, principal place of garaging your car, education and homeownership. Furthermore, the Division of Insurance prohibits an insurance company from denying any driver automobile insurance based on any credit information contained in a consumer report that is obtained from a credit reporting agency. However, insurance companies can refuse to offer individuals coverage based on non-discriminatory grounds, but they must identify the reasons supporting their denial.

Lower Your Rates

Insurance companies offer a variety of ways for consumers to obtain low cost car insurance in Massachusetts. While there are some discounts that are required by law, such as discounts for drivers who are over the age 65, insurers tend to have other available discounts that are associated with driver training, having multiple cars on the same policy, and other factors that can reduce either the risk or extent of injuries or damage. While some of these discounts cover a general subject matter, the financial difference varies from company to company. As you shop for your new policy, be sure to find out what factors may reduce your premium for every company you are looking at so that you can get the best car insurance in Massachusetts.

Picking an Insurance Agent/Broker

When you are looking for an insurance agent, it is important to shop around. You want to avoid greedy individuals simply out for a commission. The agent you choose should have your best interest as their top priority. Start by making sure that every candidate you consider is licensed and holds a strong reputation. Never feel forced or rushed into making your decision as this can come back to burn you. Construct a list of all the agents in your region and reach out to your friends and neighbors for any recommendations they may have or their opinion on some of the names you are mulling over. When you look around, you can be sure to find the best service for you. Unbiased sources can help you find further information.

While having someone who is near your home can be a luxury, customer service should remain at the top of your list in terms of priorities. Knowing such information as how long an agent has been offering his or her services in your area can be valuable as well as knowing how quickly they process claims. Learning about any complaints they have received can also help you narrow down your search.

After an Accident

If you are involved in any accident, drivers are advised to follow three simple steps. These steps can be of great assistance in collecting all of the relevant information you will need. Start by making certain that you keep the following items in your vehicle – disposable camera, a first aid kit, a tape measure, and blank police reports. Your next move should be to note every person involved in the accident along with any witnesses at the scene. Take down such information as their name, address, contact information, and insurers regardless of whether or not anyone was injured and even if the other driver has no car insurance in Massachusetts. Lastly, be sure to file reports with the local police and your insurance company quickly after the accident. These simple moves can help limit the cost of fraud to all insurers, and thereby hold down rates for all consumers.

Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

The Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP) is an auto insurance plan that makes it possible for drivers that have been unable to obtain Massachusetts car insurance – most likely because they have been labeled as high risk driver and currently have more than 10 points on their license or they have previously committed a major offence such as a DUI.  When you are unable find an insurance company willing to write you a policy, you will be assigned to an insurer through the MAIP by your insurance agent.

Additional Help

Massachusetts’s Division of Insurance offers assistance to all automobile insurance shoppers. There are always individuals ready to answer any of your inquiries related to insurance or help you look into complaints with specific agencies or an agent. Further assistance can include educating consumers on common laws and procedures. The office can be reached at 1-617-521-7794.

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