America’s Greatest Cars: The History of Ford Motors

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If you’ve ever owned a Ford, there’s a good chance that it was a car you loved deeply. Fords have long been known for their reliability, durability, and cult-like fan base. If you are a die-hard Ford aficionado, you may or may not be familiar with the company’s history, and how it got to where it is today. Ford’s biggest, longest-lasting contribution to the industry is, firstly, how it revolutionized the manufacturing process, and secondly how it revolutionized employee rights and labor standards. With ingenuity in production coupled with an admirable and fair treatment of employees, Ford used its outstanding business practices to rise to the top of the US auto industry, and they’ve manufactured some well-loved rides as a result. The following infographic takes a trip down Ford memory lane and brings to life some of their greatest accomplishments. Whether you’re a Ford lover, car lover, or you’re more interested in ethical business practices, the history of Ford can offer something for everyone to admire.

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