Chevrolet Volt Outselling the Corvette: So What?

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One very interesting tidbit hidden away in the May sales numbers released from General Motors (GM), which indicated that they logged their highest sales numbers in 33 months, is that the Chevrolet Volt is outselling the Corvette. Both in the month of May, as well as for the entirety of 2012 thus far.

As a gear head, I’m a big fan of the bang for the buck the Corvette offers. But the Corvette has always been a model with limited sales, due to the high price – despite the aforementioned performance bang for buck – not to mention the lack of a rear seat.

Peak sales for the Corvette came in 1979, a full seven years after the Stingray said goodbye with the LT-1 being discontinued with a total of 53,807 being bought. And the best year since then came with the introduction of the C4 in 1984, with 51,547 finding their way into garages.

And I’m also convinced that the May sales numbers released by GM, which saw Corvette sales of just 1,219 and 1,680 Volts being bought, mean little in terms of commercial success, let alone acceptance, of the Volt.

Year to date numbers, as pointed out by Fox News, are also in the Volt’s favor, with the electric Chevy totaling 7,761 sold and the Corvette moving just 5,547.

GM is well below where they need to be if the Volt is to hit the 45,000 projected in their sales estimates. There’s just no way they can hit those lofty heights, although they are on pace to move many more Volts than they did in 2011.

And besides. With the impending release of the C7, who’s going to buy a C6 only to have a serious case of buyers remorse when the next generation debuts? No doubt in my mind that when it appears, the C7 will obliterate the Volt in sales, regardless of the difference in price.

What do you think? Will GM ever make the Volt a sales success?

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