Saab Won’t Honor Warranties; GM Steps Up

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The long and winding road that led to the implosion of Swedish automaker Saab has taken another turn, with Saab Cars North America announcing they’ll no longer pay for any warranty coverage on any Saab in Canada or the United States.

That means anyone buying a new Saab currently sitting on a dealer lot will essentially be buying an “as-is” car.

“Warranty coverage is suspended indefinitely for all new Saab vehicles sold. During this period, the warranty booklet must be removed from the owner information packet. For any vehicle sold or leased during this period, the customer should be affirmatively advised that the vehicle does not carry any warranty coverage and is sold ‘as is,’ ” says Saab Cars North America in a statement issued to its dealers, according to Automotive News. “Owners should be advised to keep receipts of all related warranty work done or services performed until further notice.”

Saab Cars North America has also suspended the processing and payment of all claims, including but not limited to:

  • New-car warranties
  • Powertrain warranties
  • Emission warranties
  • Parts warranty
  • Safety belts, airbags
  • Towing
  • Recalls and campaigns
  • Certified pre-owned coverage
  • Goodwill
  • No charge maintenance

While those who purchased a Saab after General Motors (GM) had sold it off appear to be out of luck, that’s not the case for those who bought when GM was still in the Picture. GM, which nixed a deal to save Saab, has stepped up and will honor the warranties of all Saabs purchased before they sold the company off in February, 2010.

“In the event Saab cannot or will not fulfill its obligations to administer the warranty programs with its U.S. and Canadian dealers through Saab Cars North America or otherwise, GM will take necessary steps to ensure that remaining warranty obligations on Saab vehicles marketed by GM in the United States and Canada will be honored,” said GM spokesperson Jim Cain.

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