UAW/Chrysler Reach Agreement; Voters Rejecting Ford Pact

Ford's proposed UAW contract is being rejected in early votes.

Ford's proposed UAW contract is being rejected in early votes. (pic by

The last half of 2011 has seen a flurry of activity by the United Auto Workers union as they’ve sought to come to new contracts with each of the Detroit big three. They’ve now come to agreements will all three automakers, and have workers have approved the contract with General Motors thus far.

The agreement with Chrysler is the latest development, but the real drama is taking place with voting on the Ford contract. It appears that unlike with General Motors, UAW workers in early voting are rejecting the pact with Ford. And much of the debate over the contract is taking place between union members on Facebook.

One worker, who is against the proposed Ford contract, posted “everyone says the public will be against us if we vote no because it will make us look greedy. Perhaps the IUAW needs to do a better job of getting the word out that FoMoCo made 10+billion in profit over the last 18 months and refuses to give employees who helped make that happen cost of living raise.”

Battle lines cross both ways, however. Plenty of Ford workers support the contract, including one that posted “I guess I am just at a loss with a no vote. I have one of the most secure blue collar jobs in the country, they pay top dollar and they want to give me over 25K with profit sharing over four years. Man I feel cheated. VOTE YES.”

The Ford contract offers higher pay and bonuses for workers as compared to the GM contract, and it also promises more new jobs than GM and Chrysler will create combined. For their part, the UAW has promised to strike if workers reject the contract with Ford.

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