Cadillac embraces urban chic with ULC

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All over Europe, consumers drive tiny cars that are designed to work in an environment of narrow, congested streets. North American manufacturers, especially those of luxury cars, have long been known for building land yachts. If gas prices keep escalating the way they are, the Empress of the Sea is not going to be sailing for too much longer.

The folks at Cadillac have done wonders reinventing their brand over the past decade or so, shrinking their product and building visually edgy, performance oriented machines. Looking to the future, they are playing around with something completely new for the brand: A very small car.

Designated the Urban Luxury Concept, the ULC applies the sharp creases and edges that Caddy has become known for to a platform that is closer in size to the micro cars the Europeans are used to. The upright box shape allows for proper seating for 4. The proposed powertrain is a gas electric hybrid concept that uses a turbocharged 1.0L 3 cylinder gasoline engine coupled with electric assist technology, engine start-stop function, brake energy regeneration and a dry dual-clutch transmission. They are proposing that this concept could conceivably achieve 56 mpg in the city and 65 mpg on the highway.

While the look may be a bit too George Jetson for some, I think the shape looks pretty cool. There is certainly nothing else out on the road that looks like it!

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