Green with envy over 200+ mph Super Cuda

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Some of our readers may have seen this green monster before. This is the Super Cuda that was built by the good folks at Legendary Motorcar for the hit TV series Dream Car Garage. Because the show is broadcast on US based SpeedTV, many viewers don’t realize that the show is in fact created in Southern Ontario, just a 20 minute drive from the site of the 2011 Performance World car show. It was a nice surprise to discover Super Cuda at the show, though it wasn’t the first time I’ve seen the car.

Super Cuda began as a rusty 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which was transformed into the gleaming machine you see above in just 6 weeks for a series on the TV show. Instead of a V8 though, Super Cuda is powered by a twin turbo V10 sourced from a Dodge Viper. You might guess that a twin turbo V10 is pretty powerful, and you would be right. In fact, the engine was tested on a 1,000 horsepower dyno, and it maxed out the dyno, so they don’t actually know how much power the beast puts out.

On a cold winter morning in the Fall of 2009, the LMC/DCG guys took Super Cuda to Chrysler’s Chelsea proving grounds along with our friend Mike Louli and his Ferrari Enzo to see if the car was as fast as they had hoped.

At 208 miles per hour, the Super Cuda was running out of aero and Peter Klutt was running out of cajones! Louli and the Enzo on the other hand made it to a whopping 218 mph. Bear in mind that the Enzo was “stock”.

If you haven’t already seen Super Cuda in action, be sure to watch this segment from Dream Car Garage.

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