All new roadster draws styling cues from 1962 Corvette

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For many enthusiasts, the urge to own a classic is overpowered by the knowledge that old cars can be less than fun to maintain. Some guys just want to be able to get in and drive. Thanks to Classic Reflection Coachworks, Corvette enthusiasts can enjoy modern car reliability while showing the world some classic style.

What you are looking at is a CRC Corvette conversion. While the word conversion typically conjures up visions of slapped together kit cars, the CRC is anything but a kit car. Designed using completely modern computer technology, the body of a ’62 Vette was scanned and then lengthened to fit a C5 chassis which gives a unique look to the car. It is actually pretty funny watching onlookers as they try to figure out what year the car is. They know it isn’t quite like anything they’ve seen before, but they can’t place their finger on what it actually is. The rear section of the carbon fiber body is permanently mounted to the chassis, just like a factory car, while the rest of the body components are mounted with factory hardware wherever possible. The end result is all Corvette.

The car in these photos was on display at the 2011 Performance World car show in Toronto. It was built for a local owner by The Rod Shop, in Calgary, Alberta who are the only Canadian distributer for the conversion. The fit and finish on this car is beyond description, looking better than any C2 or C5 ever did when it left the production line. This owner will be very proud to cruise in his new old Vette, which for now is likely the only one in the Toronto area. Once other Vette fans see it, you can bet there will be more!

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