NHTSA Offers Recall Notifications via Email

Since being established by the Highway Safety Act of 1970, the NHTSA, as part of the larger United States Department of Transportation, has been involved in the direction and administration of all highway safety and consumer programs that date back to the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.

The NHTSA is charged with reducing numbers of death, injuries and total economic losses caused by car accidents. They are responsible for investigating any safety defects in cars, odometer fraud, vehicle theft (including anti-theft devices), setting and enforcing fuel economy standards and researching driver behavior and overall traffic safety. Finally, the NHTSA promotes all aspects of driver and passenger safety by promoting they use of and educating the public on things like seat belts, safety seats for children, air bags and reducing the threats posed by those driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

So it goes without saying that for those who have a say in the auto industry – from manufacturers all the way down to those of us who buy the cars they produce, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is involved with us in multiple ways.

One of these ways is in tracking recalls. The NHTSA track recalls that go well beyond just cars. They also track all recalls of tires, child restraints and seats, motorcycles, motorcycle helmets and various motorcycle equipment, and school buses.

We’ve recently demonstrated how one can utilize the NHTSA website to find out if their car (or any car – one isn’t hindered or limited in the choices they make on the website) has any recalls. But one of the newest services from the NHTSA, a recall notifications through email, only requires a consumer to sign up for the service to be informed of any recalls as they are issued via email. And one is not simply limited to tracking recalls on cars.

NHTSA Website Recall Email Subscriptions

With just a few steps and less than five minutes of your time, you can be informed of any recalls on tires, child seats or vehicles, including motorcycles and school busses. There is a subscription limit of five cars total, based on make/model and model year. The NHTSA also allows subscribers to change their subscription preferences at any time.

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