Need Roadside Assistance? You’re in Good Hands with Allstate

Allstate has come up with an ingenious method of helping stranded motorists, while creating additional market share for itself.

With the institution of its new Good Hands Roadside Assistance program last November, the insurer began offering all U.S. drivers—even those who aren’t current Allstate customers—assistance when they’re stuck on the side of the road and need towing, run out of gas, or find themselves locked out of their vehicle.

roadside assistance

Aimed mostly at younger drivers who don’t already belong to another roadside assistance program, Allstate takes both cold-calls from the side of the road and prior sign-ups online. And there’s no annual service fee.

Instead, for a small fee of $50 to $75 per occurrence, anyone needing assistance can call Allstate for help—and find themselves in “good hands” with a tow truck, a can of gas or the services of a locksmith.

The company hopes that, by being there to help when people need it most, program participants will remember the insurer when it’s time to renew their car insurance policies—and make the switch from its competitors.

To sign up online for this low-cost service, apply at the Good Hands Roadside Assistance portal.

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