Rear-View Cameras Compulsory Beginning 2014

There’s nothing more tragic than for a parent or caregiver to accidentally injure or kill a child playing behind their car. This usually happens while backing a vehicle from a garage or driveway, due to blind zones at the rear of the car.

Beginning in 2014, this should no longer be a problem. From that year on, car manufacturers will be required to install rear-view cameras in all new vehicles so drivers can see whether or not it’s safe to back up.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 300 people are killed and 18,000 injured each year due to back-over crashes. Children and the elderly make up the largest percentage of victims, with pedestrians, other vehicles and parking lot barricades also affected.

With the installation of the new cameras, drivers will be able to see everything that goes on behind their vehicles using an in-dash video display system. Anything within the camera’s field of view will cause an alarm system to sound, warning the driver that there is something in the vehicle’s path.

Though the cameras will be costly at first, their price is likely to come down in time, experts say. Meanwhile, government officials, insurance companies and other analysts are throwing their full support behind this effort, with car manufacturers following closely behind, in an effort to save lives.

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