MINI Debuts Paceman Concept

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It’s hard to believe a full 10 years has passed since the first generation of the modern MINI appeared at Cobo Hall. Since then, we’ve seen the introduction of the convertible and Clubman, a second generation, and more recently, the larger Countryman.

As many more traditional brands have been quite successful in the relatively new CUV market, it makes sense that the folks at MINI would up-size a bit and dip their toes in that pool, too.

The Paceman is a coupe platform that MINI tells us will have all the handling qualities the rest of the line has, coupled with a more upright seating position and more ground clearance. And could the Paceman have some actual off-road capabilities? Possibly, but marketers stress the urban aspect of the potential buyer—which likely means it will keep pace with the tarmac crowd, rather than the dirt.

More photos and MINI press release after the break.

MINI Press Release

MINI Paceman Concept:
An urban and masculine Sports Activity Coupe

The masculine design language of the MINI Paceman Concept spotlights both the stand-alone identity of the concept and its membership of the MINI family. The four-seater study, whose two large doors and wide-opening tailgate mark it out unmistakably as a MINI, imbues the sporty, cutting-edge Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) category with undeniable appeal. The platform of the MINI Countryman, with its hallmark MINI proportions, increased ground clearance and raised seating position, defines the study’s compact dimensions.

The MINI Paceman Concept takes the fundamental strengths of MINI – its uniqueness, go-kart handling, agility, dynamic capability and individual design – and gives them a fresh twist with the help of cutting-edge technology and an innovative body concept. It combines a sporty, masculine appearance, versatility and coupe looks with the dimensions of the four-door MINI Countryman. And it brings together the classical MINI concept, the defining features of the MINI Countryman and the style of a coupe to harmonious effect. The result is a MINI “muscle car”, which displays its dynamic capability from every angle and showcases it impressively both when viewed from the side and in the design of the rear.

The MINI Paceman Concept, whose crossover design makes it the first Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) in the small car segment, blends lifestyle elements with premium quality. It is the ideal car for young, modern, extrovert urbanites who love the hallmark MINI go-kart feeling, enjoy stand-out individuality, place great importance on the personality of a brand and buy into its character and ethos.

The MINI Paceman Concept prioritises a particularly emotional driving experience and demonstrates this ability in a style typical of the brand. Here you can find clear evidence of how totally new vehicle concepts can still be developed today through unconventional creativity.


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